If you are looking for something upscale, extra space for more entertaining or relaxing, you can achieved it using Hardie-Cement-Board Insulated Panels for your next project. Hardie Insulated Panels is a Hardie Cement Board laminated to an expanded polystyrene foam core. This product is used to build Houses, to attach additional rooms to an existing structure, partition walls, or create innovative spaces.

The design approach of the modular home is a simple, utilitarian and one that conforms to the lifestyle of many people, specifically with health and cleanliness in mind. The materials and systems selected in the design allow it to be an exemplar model for future low cost houses to be built.

This concept of Model Homes have been designed and engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for Seismic, High Velocity Wind and Thermal Design as required by the International Code and the Florida Building Code. The structural system is an Insulated Roof Panels consisting of aluminum skin with expanded polystyrene foam, and Insulated Wall Panels reinforced with 20 gauge steel channels inside each panels on top, bottom and sides. The Roof Panels are locked in place by an interlocking Snap-N-Lock System approved by the International Code Council. We offer the Insulated Panel System because it is sustainable, fast and easy to erect and it is cost effective.

A & S Aluminum Supply will provide the following materials for the construction of Model Homes or any other shell project:

1 - Exterior 4 ¼" wall panels comprised of 5/16" Hardie Cement Board laminated to a expanded polystyrene foam core with electrical chase (electrical wire not included)
2 - All Roof Panels to be 4" aluminum panels with polystyrene foam core with fan beam panels encapsulated with drip edge fascias, with ridge beam and columns gable roof.
3 - Splines and connectors for exterior wall panels consist of 18 ga. along with 20 ga. steel track for top and base of exterior wall panels.
4 - Sealants and fasteners for Roof and ExteriorWalls panels to be included.

5- Aluminum Windows single-hung, with 1/8" temp. glass (qty. depend of projects).

6- Exterior steel doors 36" x 80" complete with hardware and trim (qty. depend of projects).

7- Elastomeric paint and primer to coat exterior wall panels supplied (color to be determined).

8- Preliminary Construction drawings, Panels Layout, Foundation Construction and Connection Details.

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Insulated wall and roof panels have proven themselves for many years and today are in use throughout the United States, Africa, The Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Philippines.  Anywhere there is a need for pre-engineered, pre-cut building components.

The insulation value is its most important factor. The energy conserved in heating and cooling make this system pay for itself.

These panels replace in one simple installation the time, supplies and labor formerly used in conventional construction using concrete block or two-by- fours, layers of sheetrock, installing insulating material, taping and then plastering paneling or painting. The panels all but eliminate condensation under the roof and will not leak, when properly installed.

Components for complete structures can be easily transported by land, air or ocean container.  All modular construction components are pre-engineered, pre-cut and labeled for ease of installation. The entire package can be fabricated to meet the size and weight limitations imposed by the shipper.