Fence structure designed with durability in mind
Metal Fence have been showing-up across the South Florida with impressive popularity and speed. In only a few years, this product have been wowing Contractors and Homeowners with its cutting-edge design and the on-demand presentation.

Metal fence is a full privacy metal board, quite light when compared with wood, steel or wrought iron fences. This product provides quality, durability and beauty with an appeal that is both structural and functional. All components can be easily moved around individual elements and can joined together to create long fence structures, but more important: beautiful and durable than other type of fences such as wood or vinyl PVC fences.

Metal Board fences usually uses 2 ½” x 2 ½” galvanized post with two 1” x 2” rails, adding a third rail for extra support is optional; as another option the posts and rails can be paint it (powder coated) to match the fence boards you choose or just leave it in natural galvanized color.

At A & S Aluminum Supply, metal boards along with all fence components, can be purchased in galvanized steel and come in a wide range of color options such as white, bronze, wood grain, etc. (more Colors may be available) and with various type of finishes as well.

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1. Metal Fence Boards & Component dimensions?

Metal Boards are 6" (width) x 70" (height) x 26 ga. (thickness).

Standard Posts: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" (SQ) x 8' (height) x 16 ga. (other Post sizes available like 3" x 3" or 4" x 4").

Horizontal Rails: 1" x 2" (Rect. Tube) x 24' (lenght) x 18 ga.

2. What Colors are available for my metal fence boards?
At A & S Aluminum Supply Metal Boards come in WHITE, BRONZE, WOOD GRAIN (front) - BRONZE (back), and GREY colors (other Colors may be available).

3. These Boards has any finish or pattern beside the standard plain appearance?
Only the WHITE and BRONZE colors boards can be manufacture with pattern (emobossed). The other choices, WOOD and GREY, are available without patterns.

4. Are the rest of Metal Fence components painted?
Metal fences usually uses 2 ½” x 2 ½” galvanized post with 1” x 2” rails. However, you can leave it in natural galvanized color or the posts and rails can be paint it (powder coated) to match the fence boards you choose. This option is available upon request, but keep in mind that this choice can increase your price as well.

5. And what about the screws... what colors are available?
The screws usually come in WHITE and BRONZE. If you want to match the GREY or WOOD finish metal boards those screws should be painted manually. We can provide you with spray paint cans, upon request, but screws must be painted by the fence installer. Screws are also available in S.S natural color or painted S.S.

6. How do I know how many Boards will need for my Metal Fence?
With pleasure we will quote any Fence Project for you, but in order to have an idea is simple: measure your total fence length, multiply by two (2) and that will be the quantity of Metal Boards needed... the rest of components? again, "leave it to us and we will give you a detailed quote"

7. What are Metal Boards made from?

The Metal Boards are made with 26 gauge galvanized steel.

Post and rails are galvaneal steel.

Screws are #10 x 3/4 SDS (5/16" head), #12 x 2 available both in carbon steel or 304 marine grade S.S.

Post's cap are made in plastic.

8. Have more QUESTIONS?
If you have any more questions or need to know more about Metal Fence, you can visit Us at any of our locations or call Us at any time Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm / and Saturday 7:30 am - 12:00 pm. If you prefer you can contact Us using our email: